For the first time, women’s health is achieving the same level of innovation as other medical fields, and Ceek is leading the way.

Meet Nella

A Game-Changing Speculum

Introducing Nella, a groundbreaking speculum designed to improve clinician efficiency and enhance patient comfort. Nella is more effective and resourceful than traditional speculums, and 99% of women prefer Nella thanks to its quiet insertion, super slim design and temperature neutral, medical-grade material. 

Experience Nella

Take a 3D Tour

Discover Nella in 3D – how it works, how it looks and how it benefits patients. Take a tour and discover 360 degrees of Nella.

a Note From Founder, Fahti Khosrowshahi

“I Knew There Had to Be a Better Path”

“10 years ago, I was on my seventh round of fertility treatments and millionth internal pelvic exam - each one using clunky metal speculums that caused me pain, bleeding and soreness. I knew there had to be a better way.
After some research, I discovered that the traditional metal speculum is close to 200 years old. Despite innovation in our cell phones, no one has considered the most fundamental aspect of women’s health. From then on, my mission was to develop a speculum that places women at the center of the exam experience. Every design choice, every material, and every silhouette is created by women for women, putting comfort, ease, and design first. In 2015, I launched Ceek Women’s Health to create innovative solutions for the modern woman and the modern world we live in.”