It is time to change the way women’s healthcare is delivered.

The vaginal speculum is used on women of all ages, backgrounds, nationalities, and religions. In the US alone, more than 50,000 clinicians use it on average 7-30 times per day, and cumulatively more than 60,000,000 times annually. This ubiquitous tool continues to rely on a design invented nearly 150 years ago. With a reputation for causing discomfort, anxiety, and unpleasant experiences, this antiquated device is described by women today using such words as clank, screw, click, and pinch. After nearly two centuries, it is time for a better option. A modern speculum designed to deliver a better experience for patients and clinicians.

It looks like a torture device. —Patient, Massachusetts

A Clinically Proven Solution

Designed through rigorous research and prototyping with our passionate medical advisors, our Nella Women’s Care line addresses both patient and provider unmet needs. The line includes both disposable and reusable specula and three accessory products.

An IRB-approved trial of the Nella products with 143 women concluded in June 2017. The VIOLET Study established the safety of our products and validated the benefits of the Nella Line for both women and clinicians.



Designed for women with vaginal laxity.


Designed to give women some control over the exam process.


Designed for all women, in reusable and disposable options, with and without illumination.


Designed for the ultimate patient comfort and provider performance.

They can put a man on the moon but they can’t design a better speculum?! —Patient, Oregon

Today’s specula leave opportunities to improve for both patients and providers.


Clinician Experience

  • Repetitive stress injuries from poor ergonomics
  • Difficulty in selecting/adjusting appropriate size
  • Insufficient lighting to conduct visual examination
  • Obstructed visibility and accessibility from excess tissue or vaginal laxity

Patient Experience

  • An intimidating look and feel
  • Noisy mechanisms
  • Cold and uncomfortable materials
  • Painful insertion
  • Significant anxiety, discomfort, and pinching
For patients with vaginal laxity, today's specula don't always work—we have to use a larger speculum, which is very uncomfortable, and sometimes we can't even finish the procedure. —OBGYN, New Jersey